About Dawnie Dahir

Like a breath of fresh air, by walking outside my energy naturally rises to where I feel a connection to nature. It is where I go for inspiration when I have a question or problem that I am dealing with. I have learned to clearly ask a question, go outside, take my mind off of the question/ problem and notice the beauty of nature around me. Along my walk I receive the answer through what I call Whispers. They come in many forms, such as a mental picture in my mind’s eye, or a feeling of joy in my heart. Whispers from the Divine can also show up as great ideas, or a knowing of information that seems to come out of the blue. I’ve learned to follow my Whispers, to follow the guidance that shows me the path to my happiness and my life’s purpose.

Dawnie (pronounced doh’ nee) Dahir, author of two books, is a professional speaker who inspires her audiences to embrace change and become who they truly want to be. She loves connecting with people on and off the stage and has presented speeches, workshops, and readings to women’s groups, club audiences, associations, church congregations, and children.

Dawnie’s speaking topics include self-improvement, growth, spirituality, and helping others become true to themselves. Her ideal audience consists of people who are interested in improving their lives, becoming better people, and who need help adapting to change.

Dawnie’s first book, Let Me Give You a Whisper, is written and illustrated for children. Her latest book, Whispers of Change, will be published in 2017. She has extensive volunteer experience, having led mission teams to disaster-hit areas after hurricane and tornado damage. She also led a mission team to San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. She volunteered for 10 years at Metrocrest Social Services, taught English as a second language at a church, is currently facilitating a book study on "The Way Of Mastery," and was assistant to the Deans of the National Speakers Association of North Texas Charbonneau Speakers’ Academy. Dawnie is a Holistic Life Coach and has experience in counseling.

Dawnie earned a BBA from the University of Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys playing cards, puttering in the garden, yoga, reading, traveling, and watching shows like Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, and Dancing with the Stars. Dawnie raised three daughters and enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, her husband, and the rest of the family.