About Dawnie Dahir

I’m an Army Brat, or as some people might say, just a Brat. Growing up I was fortunate enough to live in Germany for 6 years and on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, for one year. But for the most part I’ve lived in the great state of Texas.

I was one of those kids who did not have a clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up. That confusion stayed with me well past graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Business Administration and even past getting married, having babies and being a stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and our children deeply but I always felt that there was something more for me to do.

After staying at home for years, I wanted to get a job but I was stuck. I felt like I had no skills and was scared to death to make a wrong decision. Then a friend approached me about joining a multilevel organization called Arbonne, with the prospect of winning a Mercedes. Even though I was terrified, I signed up, wanting so badly to change the direction of my life. After 1.5 years I was no closer to winning a Mercedes, and in fact, was spending more money on products than I was making. But it seemed like my luck was changing as I spoke with 5 people in one month who were interested in signing up under me to start their business. At the end of the month, do you know how many people signed on the dotted line? Not one. Zero. Goose egg. I recognized that I was the common denominator, needed some serious improvement and closed down my business.

I was tired of being controlled by fear and was ready to face my biggest one, that of speaking in public. Intuitively guided to attend a Toastmasters Club meeting I signed up on the spot. It was a great place for me to start releasing a fear that had kept me stuck for years. As the layers of fear diminished my confidence grew. I did things I never would have imagined, scary things, like living for two weeks with a Mayan Family in a small village in Guatemala taking Spanish lessons. Before meeting the family I was terrified, but it turned out to be a great adventure as I got to experience life in a totally different culture. I wish I could say that I am fluent in Espanol, but that would be a big fat lie!

What people don’t know about Toastmasters is that it isn’t just about speaking, it’s also about improving one’s leadership, listening and mentoring skills while making great friends. It was in this fabulous organization that I realized I wanted to be a professional speaker. Along my life’s journey I’ve also become a Holistic coach and an author.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming my fears have led me down a road that I never imagined. My innate talents are still unfolding as I follow my heart’s desires to live life fully in the best way I know how. Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous but I don’t let fear hold me down anymore. Life is a wonderful adventure that is constantly surprising me with new experiences; it’s a marvelous way to live!