Whispers of Change Video 3

Do you know how your Spirit communicates with you? What most people don’t know is that Spirit is constantly sending you messages, but if you don’t understand the signs, you will most likely misinterpret the true meaning. In the third video of the Whispers of Change series, you will learn three common ways that Spirit […]

Whispers of Change Video 2

Do you ever get tired of your mind being a chatterbox, going a hundred miles an hour? Would you like to know ways that you can slow it down so that you are calmer, happier and make better personal  and professional decisions? In the second video of the series Whispers of Change: Transforming Into The […]

Become Unstoppable!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?  I haven’t and I’m not going to! I stopped doing that a long time ago because they were more like wishes and not commitments. Now let me change the question to: what commitments are you making to become unstoppable? My friend, Kathy, decided to take a Minimalist […]