You Are Good Enough

When I was growing up, I was shy, introverted, didn’t have many friends and always worried that I would say and do the wrong things. You know, those things that would make me look stupid, hurt someone’s feelings or get me in trouble. I kept to myself a lot, didn’t talk much in school and […]

Enhancing Your Creativity!

Hey There, Do you need creative solutions to a situation for your job, hobby or a project? Would you like to become more comfortable with your inner child and have more fun?  Does your imagination need a boost? The answer could be as simple as giving  the Creativity and Children Area of your house an […]

Is Your Career Fulfilling?

Hi there, Are you enjoying your work? Are you happy with your job or is there something you would like to change? By either getting what you don’t use, don’t love or doesn’t fit out of your house, or moving items around, you can enhance your career in ways you only dream about!     […]

Tag, You’re It!

Is it possible to be angry without using it as a weapon or judgment against ourselves or others? This thought occurred to me as I was watching a movie where a father yelled at his child, all because of something that had gone wrong in the parent’s life. The child was surprised, confused and emotionally […]