Dealing with Pain

Early one morning I awoke, again, with pain on the right side of my back. My first thought was to put some Arnicare Cream on it. After applying the cream, I asked myself, “Who do I need to forgive?” I’ve learned that usually when I have a pain in my body, someone will come to […]


I’m reading the book by Catherine Ponder The Dynamic Laws of Healing. Wow, what a powerful book for those of us who are on the path of releasing pain, figuring out why we hurt and what we can do about it. I’m not a doctor and don’t prescribe medicine but I can share with you […]

Be Happy

We were taking care of our 2.5 year old granddaughter, Ry, while her parents were out of town. She was eating breakfast when I asked her: Me: What are you eating, big girl? Ry: Pancakes! Me: Are you happy? Ry: Yep! Me: Yeah; we’re happy over here, aren’t we? Ry: Looking at Papa, she declared: […]

The Perfect Gift

In August 2008 I received the most disturbing phone call of my life. I had called a very close relative, Annie, to let her know that I would be in Guatemala for 3 weeks. I was taking a team of volunteers to a small village called San Juan de la Laguna where we would start […]

It’s All Good!

It’s 7pm Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. I had just cleaned and flushed the downstairs toilet when I saw water leaking under it onto the floor; oh, this just can’t be happening! Not only did we have a house full of guests coming on Thursday for Thanksgiving, but this is the only toilet on the first […]