It’s All Good!

It’s 7pm Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. I had just cleaned and flushed the downstairs toilet when I saw water leaking under it onto the floor; oh, this just can’t be happening! Not only did we have a house full of guests coming on Thursday for Thanksgiving, but this is the only toilet on the first […]

Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever had one of those days where you went from one event to another to another? One Monday morning I facilitated my regular class on the book, The Artist’s Way, ate a light lunch and then drove with my sister, Jeanne, north of downtown Dallas where I was interviewed on a podcast. Gens […]

Good Karma

While waiting in line to use the restroom on an airplane, I noticed the woman in front of me trying to enter the tinny, tiny bathroom with a 3 year old daughter while also holding a sleeping toddler. Without thinking I blurted out, “Would you like me to hold your baby?” Standing in the restroom […]


Imagine you’re at the grocery store standing in line waiting patiently for the cashier to finish with the gentleman in front of you. You notice her name tag says “Amy”. When it’s your turn you take a few steps and hear Amy say, “I have to change the tape in the machine.” Slightly irritated you […]

The Beauty of Affirmations

Recently I received an email asking for my Top 10 Affirmations. It got me to thinking about what I say to myself a lot, especially if I’ve jumped in the squirrel cage and my mind is repeating the same stinking story over and over. Affirmations help get me out of that cage and back into […]