Touch from Heaven

It was a windy, cold day walking to the library with my daughter and granddaughter. Not far from their house, I spotted two bills folded in half just lying in the grass along the side of the road. When I picked them up, I was very excited to see that one was a $1 bill […]

When Stuff Goes Energy Flows!

Hi! What is it that you want more in your life? Do you want more money, better relationships, a new job, or maybe you want to travel more? Please click the link below to watch this short video about the introduction of the Feng Shui series that will start to answer the questions above. Feel […]

I Feel Worthy, Do You?

Recently I attended a Prosperity Workshop where even though we weren’t given much information ahead of time, I went because I thought it might be interesting.  One of the activities that we participated in required a one dollar bill.  The instructor, Jeri, told us that it had to be one of our dollar bills, not […]