Trade What?

Do you feel that life is one adventure after another? That things you never imagined are capable of happening? I most certainly do! In fact, I’m on an adventure that was not on my conscious radar until recently. Recently Pat Alva-Kraker and I did something we’ve never done before…. we contacted a lawyer friend of […]

Living Life Joyfully: Introduction

Imagine that all areas of your life bring you joy, that they are just as you dreamed they would be!  You have wonderful relationships,  work that feels like play, no worries about money, and most things just seem to click into place for you.  Sounds like a dream or something that does not seem reachable, […]

What Has Impacted You?

After attending a wonderful yoga session recently,  I was talking with Jenny Alterman, owner of Rescue Yoga in Carrollton.    We were discussing several subjects, and somehow got on the topic of the Law of Attraction.  Jenny said, “I know that God is involved in the Law of Attraction, but I don’t know how.”  My […]

Prayers Please!

Hi! My mom has lived in an Alzheimer’s Unit for over 2 years; before that, she lived in a retirement center and nursing home for 2 years.  Last week  she was put on Hospice; it appears that she may be in the last stage of her life.  She has lost 5 pounds since the last […]

Align with Spirit!

Hi! The last few days I had been wondering what I was going to write about next.  As I sat outside this morning eating breakfast, enjoying the fresh air and watching the beauty of nature that was all around me, it came to me what to write about.  Many people really don’t know how to […]