Dr J/ 2nd Appointment

Hi! Today we visited with Dr. Juvvadi, oncologist, and Dr. Antonetti, plastic surgeon.  At the last appointment Dr. Juvvadi had asked me to consider going on Prolia to strengthen my bones, and Letrozole to block the estrogen because of the kind of cancer that I had.  After looking at the possible side effects of Prolia, […]

Big, Hairy, Scary Adventure!

Hi! Last night at the 3C’s Toastmasters Club I gave a speech about this adventure I’ve been on since March.  It was the first time that I had spoken about it publicly.  In face, I almost didn’t give the speech because my voice was a little croaky and I didn’t want to strain it. But, […]

Changed Appointment

Hi! In case you were following the dates of my appointments, I changed today’s appointment with Dr Antonetti to Thursday when I have an appt with Dr Juvvadi at Medical City.  Both of these drs have offices on the same floor, in the same building. Here’s an explanation of the medication that Dr Juvvadi, oncologist, […]

Another Fear Confronted

Hi! Tuesday night at 3C’s Toastmasters Club I am giving a 15-20 minute speech about the changes I have made in my life since the diagnosis.  3C’s is my home club and I have spoken there many times.  Last night I awoke around 2:30am with some reverberations in the body; I have learned that when […]

First Visit with Oncologist

Hi! Today’s visit with Dr. Juvvadi went well!  First I was treated to a needle in the arm, as they took blood to do some lab work.  Almost everything was within the correct range with a few items a hair low.  It must not have been too bad because she never even brought it up. […]